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Nya tillskott

Uppdaterat: 6 mars 2023

Metropole har fått två nya tillskott till vårt community, nämligen @HumStudioInteractive (Diego) och @Swebliss (Emma & Konrad) som bägge flyttar in på Metropole. Varmt välkomna!

Vi vill också presentera två ny/gamla samarbetspartners:

sommeliern Camilla Sand från Nolea som gästade glöggminglet känner somliga av er kanske igen, samt Stockholms doftfabrik (tidigare benämnt av oss som Aroma Marketing).

Check us out on and swing by to say hello and to try South American mate. I’ll be landing in room #1 from Feb 1st. Cheers, Diego

Emma is an experienced community builder, social media strategist, hostess & content creator with a with a large international online following. With a curiosity & passion for communication & tech she started her career as one of the first female gaming & digital art streamers on and she been one of the leading advocates for women & inclusivity in tech and gaming in the Nordic Countries for the past 9 years. Besides streaming, she is often speaking in panels at events and she loves consulting with brands on digital marketing strategies to strengthen their digital presence. Additionally, her passion in entrepreneurship has led her to look for exciting opportunities to work with kindred professionals who share the same commitment to creating more sustainable and diverse products.

Konrad have a background in TV production such as working at SVT & Baluba and have 8 years of experience in social media content creation. He is specialized in viral and engaging content and consults together with Emma to create long-term, sustainable strategies for their clients. Konrad have built two major Youtube channels with over 100 million views and together they run engaging communities on several platforms such as Tiktok, Twitch and Youtube etc. Last but not least they share “Topic” who is their dog of 3 years. She got her name from her speech bubble shaped spot on her back. She is a friendly, bubbly and happy pup who loves people (And attention) and even other dogs when she gets to know them.😊 For Metropoler's (Ed's note) Feel free to Drop by to say Hi! If you need some help with social media content strategies, have a fun project in mind or otherwise we would love to help.

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